The untold facts about Missing Flight MH 370

Important facts about Missing Flight MA 370

First, before all, i seriously hope someone is able to find that flight or else some information as to what happened so that the first of kin and other relatives of passengers can be at some ease.

I found this article compiled by Education Inspire Change which tries to put together the current findings and missing pieces which even the media is not too clear cut and consistent on.

However, with all the speculation going along about the flight that vanished off thin-air and i mean LITERALLY OFF all radars, signals, tracking satellites and what not, here are the round-up theories:

1. Hijacking of the Plane – since there was also evidence of two fraudulent passports and two passengers with forged documents having taken consecutive seats while also having tickets which were supposed to catch an onward flight from Beijing to Amsterdam.

2. A possible Missile Attack – a newer speculation that the relevant terrorist association which is creating some disruption in Northern China would possibly have thought of taking advantage of a flight filled with over 60% Chinese passengers.

3. A technical fault resulting in an explosion of the plane – technical difficulties always take place on board flights leading to catastrophic consequences however in this case the funny thing is that even the black box is not transmitting any signals, which usually it should considering the fact that it is supposed to be ‘explosion proof’ and no explosion resulting from internal technical faults can blast a plane with such velocity as to powder it out…. some kind of debris would have been left at any particular point and if at all, would have surfaced from the ocean by now.

4. The more extreme view of a possible 2nd Bermuda Triangle type ‘paranormal’ disappearance – this is a bit extreme but considering the fact that the plane seems to have vanished off the trace of earth, certain people seem to be taking this as a possible speculation.

So if you’ve read the article attached here, then check out the other little factual details which have been posted by Media at various times during the last two days, which can help form a clearer picture of the ‘MISSING DETAILS REGARDING FLIGHT MH 370’.

1. Going alongside the article’s reference to the Black box is the ETS – Emergency Transmitter Signal which is a similarly embedded device within all airplanes which is switched on manually by the pilot/crew during a time of emergency or which automatically switches on at point of impact. No such signals have been emitted from this particular flight, in addition to the lack of a functioning signal from the so-called indestructible black box. Therefore, it is possible that either the ETS or Black box malfunctioned, or none of the cabin crew were able to switch it on OR that there was NO impact at all, which did not cause any of the signals to auto-switch on.

2. If the plane was hijacked as mentioned in one other view, there is no possibility that it could have vanished off the face of ALL SIGNALS and tracking devices, not just on-board but even off board such as satellite tracking and tracing. At any given point nominated satellites around the world all have a view of every little bit of air traffic, so if there was any unusual behaviour of any aero-plane, at least one of those satellites or on-ground devices could have picked it up. Eitherway, if the plane was hijacked as said, no one can dig out the location of the black box and disable it, nor the inbuilt ETS unless the aircraft designers from BOEING themselves have to be a part of the terrorist group that got onboard even in which case its highly likely that they would have the capacity to disability a device so explicitly intimate to the aircraft while it is on air. Obviously the aircraft, if hijacked, has to have landed somewhere since it cannot be on-air for more than 14 hours at Max without running on fuel. If at all the plane would have landed, some ground station or vessel could have picked up a signal of some form or some other kind of visual or factual evidence.

3. Phones of Passengers on-board are ‘RINGING’ when dialed – This is actually very weird. The fact that phones can pick up signals to be able to ‘ring’ on particular networks which would obviously be on roaming, means that the aircraft is no longer at 35,000 feet and that obviously the aircraft had NOT exploded or met with some kind of impact because if it did, the phones would be obliterated or destroyed which would not at all result in the ability for any phone signals to get through. It’s not like the hijackers could snatch the phones and throw them away from 35,000 feet, or keep it near them which is why it is ringing, which means the if at all those having the phones would still have to be alive, or that the phones are someplace where phone signals can work (obviously not airborne, or in the sea or destroyed).

4. The Pilot’s last message – just a few moments prior to the aircraft vanishing off the face of the earth, there had been a slight message to the ground stations from the pilot that there is slight disturbance…however this had just been a message and not a distress signal…. According to all major news sites there had been no particular distress call or signal emanating from the flight at any given point.

5. IF there was a CRASH – it would have been into the sea off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. This however is an area of the sea which is merely 150ft deep in contrast to the 12,000ft deep sea in Arctic where the French Flight had crashed which took 5 days of searching to recover the debris which took time to float up from the 12,000 ft depth. However this is just 150ft and any vessel or search crew would have been able to spot some kind of debris if at all by now.

So ultimately looking at it… this def. sounds like something off the TV series LOST…. unexplainable, leaving all authorities and high profile security professionals on the edge trying to claw out what could have really happened. As they say in old stories, what goes inside the Bermuda Triangle never comes out…. So perhaps we are looking at a second Storm driven paranormal space of air which simple gulps in whatever comes at it? Just the adventurous believer in me taking but anyway, this is definitely a cringe-worthy situation and i can just imagine how horrifying it would have been for the families who are undergoing this tragedy but more over for those passengers who were actually on- board that flight MH 370.

All prayers with it!


3 thoughts on “The untold facts about Missing Flight MH 370”


    1. It’s been stated now that it was in fact a hijacking of the flight MH 370… Which explains why several military radars were able to capture the flight flying westward over the malaysian peninsula, for 4 hours, toward Andaman Islands before all traces of the aircraft vanished. The article by DailyMail also states that the hijackers were experienced flyers which is why they were able to deliberately take off all signal transmissions on-flight. I suppose the Malaysian Airlines authorities have more info than they are actually sharing. The hijacking fact could explain why the phones were actually ringing….perhaps they were stored elsewhere by the hijackers themselves…Hope they find the people soon, if at all.

    2. I agree with you. There is a change in climate specially in south India. In one of the Cities of South Indian state there was snowfall few days back and heavy rains in some other states of SI which was completely unusual as it is summer.

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